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"Cheong," a plain Chinese restaurant made of Jeju food ingredients.
Jeju Food Ingredients and Cheong's Recipe meet to showcase the new Maison Glad Jeju 'Cheong'
Enjoy a clear and light Korean Chinese menu.


※Guide to the operation of the Chinese restaurant 'Cheong' breakfast menu
For your health and hygiene, it will be served in a single table instead of a breakfast buffet until
Corona 19 is stabilized, so we ask for your health and hygiene.
Date: From 2020.03.02 / 07:00~10:00 (Last Order : 09:30)
※The schedule can be changed due to the hotel situation.
Menu: American breakfast / Korean cuisine / abalone porridge set

Reservation Inquiries
the number of seats in a separate room
Bamboo(竹) Pine(松)
8-10seats 6-8seats
* Apartments are available when using the course.
  (However, you can use a separate room above course B when using lunch.)
* No extra charge for separate rooms

representative menu

  • Dinner course
    • A course \55,000 Business Special Course
    • B course \70,000 Chef Cheng's Special Course
    • C course \85,000 retro health course
    • Children's Course\18,000 (Can order for one person)
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  • a highly recommended dish
  • - You can order the course menu for 2 or more people.